ProtostarVR Headset

In 2015, I set out to design a mobile VR HMD that had the ability to track the user's pupil direction using a prism array, infrared illuminators, and the smartphone's front facing camera. I took up CAD modeling, bought myself a 3D printer and began prototyping. It utilized a press-fit phone cartridge system where any phone size could be supported through a series of attachments while the electronics and optics were housed on the main unit.

  • Company
  • ProtostarVR
  • Date
  • March 2015

HTC Vive HMD Minimalist Wall Mount

Wall mount for the HTC Vive HMD. I saw some wall mounts on Thingiverse but I wasn't comfortable with suspending the headset from inside (near the lenses) so I designed this. The headset rests on the edges, is easy to remove quickly, and the lenses face towards the ground to protect against sun glare.

Vive Controller Holder

Modular and desk mountable, this Vive wand controller holder is a great addition to any VR developer's workspace.

Vive Lighthouse Barndoor System

This is my solution for having multiple lighthouse systems in the same space without using curtains or flyaway walls. You simply snap the barndoors to whichever side of the housing you need to block the light from and they act as virtual walls. These fit the first gen consumer Vive lighthouse base stations.

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera 360 Mount

I designed a 360 camera mount for the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. While I haven't had an oppotunity to shoot on it yet, I did get access to one BMMCC for sizing purposes and it fits correctly.

Spongebob Squarepants House Succulent Planter

Designed in Maya. There are holes that allow water to drain from the top to the base.

PoGo Battery Carriage

During the height of Pokémon Go's popularity, I designed this battery carriage to mount my backup battery directly to my iPhone. This extended my playtime for hours as I explored the city catching Pokémon. The battery life was so stellar, I began bringing this to conferences and music festivals.

Han Solo in Carbonite - Raspberry Pi 2/B+ Case

Frozen in Carbonite by Darth Vader, Han Solo has been traded half-way across the galaxy to ultimately serve you as a budget microcomputer! I sold many of these on my Etsy store.

Creative Technology Lab

I began teaching 3D Printing & 3D Design through Austin Community College in April 2016. I had the pleasure of instructing outgoing High Schoolers at the Manor ISD & ACC Career Certification Center. We did everything we could in the time I was there: 3D printing complex models, dual extrusion, CAD drawing/modeling, 3D Scanning, and even a bit of 3D animation. After the semester ended, I set up shop at the wonderful Texas Museum of Science & Technology where I taught several more classes.

  • Company
  • Austin
  • Date
  • April 2016
    - Jan 2017